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Don Skolar
Canva Verified Expert
Tazli Azizan
CFO & Co-Founder
Chuah Kee Man
Skolar Trainer
Operational Manager

Brandon Liau, also known as Don, is a co-founder of Skolar Malaysia and a multifaceted individual with a strong passion for education, entrepreneurship, digital content creation, and sports. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Mathematics from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) and a master’s degree in Mathematics Education from Universiti Malaya (UM).

Don’s expertise lies in the graphic design platform Canva, which he self-taught himself. He has delivered over 80 Canva courses in 2021 and 2022, amassing over 43,000 followers on Instagram and over 5,000 members in his Telegram channel. His courses go beyond designing posters or editing videos with Canva, and incorporate Canva for teaching and learning, utilizing pedagogical approaches and creating an online brand persona. Alongside co-founding Skolar Academy, which aims to empower lifelong learning skills, particularly in Canva, for Malaysians, Indonesians, and Bruneians.

Don’s contributions have not gone unnoticed, as he is the only Malaysian to receive the distinction of Canva Verified Expert (CVE) out of the 45 worldwide Canva Verified Champions. His expertise in Canva, combined with his passion for education, entrepreneurship, and sports, make him a valuable asset to Skolar Malaysia and the wider community.

Mohammad Tazli Azizan is a highly experienced and passionate educator, currently co-founding Skolar Malaysia. He has devoted his career to teaching and learning and has worked with a diverse range of students and colleagues. Beginning his career as an associate professor at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Mohammad Tazli served the institution for 17 years and was instrumental in the development and implementation of student-centered learning (SCL) pedagogy initiatives. He later moved on to Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP) in 2021.

In addition to his work as an educator, Mohammad Tazli is deeply committed to policy reform at the national level. In 2018, he was appointed as one of the members of the National Education Policy Reform Taskforce, serving until 2019 and working closely with the former education minister to shape the direction of education in Malaysia. In 2019, he was seconded to Perak ICT & Multimedia GLC, Digital Perak, where he served as the Chief Executive Officer.

Mohammad Tazli is highly qualified, holding a PhD in chemical engineering from Imperial College London, where he was a Commonwealth scholar. He is also a certified HRDF trainer, delivering over 100 trainings throughout his career and serving as a plenary speaker at various teaching and learning events and conferences. In 2021 and 2022 alone, he delivered more than 50 online webinars and physical workshops on topics such as online learning, promoting cognitive engagement, scaffolding learners, hybrid learning and higher-order thinking skills (HOTS), alternative assessments, active learning, cooperative learning, and his own innovation on flipped-cooperative learning.

Apart from his professional achievements, Mohammad Tazli is passionate about empowering educators with 21st-century skills and facilitating team-building activities among colleagues and clients. He believes that collaborative educators produce collaborative students, ranging from kindergarten school teachers to university professors. Mohammad Tazli has also helped university and secondary school students achieve their full potential through his module on Blooming out of Mediocrity (BOOM). With his wealth of experience and commitment to education, Mohammad Tazli is a valuable asset to Skolar Malaysia and the wider education community.

Chuah Kee Man is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Language and Communication at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), where he specializes in educational technology, computational linguistics, learning sciences, and instructional design. He has won numerous awards at both national and international levels for his innovative work in teaching, learning, and assistive technology.

In addition to his impressive achievements, Kee Man is currently pursuing a PhD in educational technology at Universiti Sains Malaysia, further solidifying his dedication to advancing the field of education. His research focuses on using technology to enhance learning and instructional design, with the ultimate goal of improving the overall quality of education for students.

Kee Man is a well-respected member of the academic community, having previously served as the Deputy Director (Teaching Excellence) from 2018 to 2020 and the E-Learning Coordinator from 2016 to 2018 at the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia. He is also the recipient of the UNIMAS Academic Award for the Teaching Award category in 2014 and the Best E-Learning Facilitator at the International University E-Learning Carnival in 2016.

With his impressive track record and ongoing commitment to education, Kee Man is a valued member of the academic community and a true inspiration to learners and educators alike.