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Transform Your Boring Boardroom and Classroom Into Engaging Ones!

Mode of Delivery – Fully ONLINE & In Dual language (Malay & English)

Collaborating with the Highest Institution:

To all the teachers and educators, (I use the term educators to make things easier), have you ever felt that your teaching skills could be improved? He’s like, you’ve done your best, but you feel like you want to do better than before.

If we look at most teaching methods today in schools and universities, there are still many who use the old method, the chalk and talk method. Educators speak in front, students focus or not, we don’t even know. The class will be teacher-centered. To make the class atmosphere fun and interactive, we can make the class student-centered. For students who will explore and engage in class activities. Only then is the class happening!

One of the techniques that can be used by educators is the Gamification technique. Gamification is basically, we turn the class atmosphere into a game. Since many students like to play games, so we create our own games, and at the same time, students can also learn something.



For that Skolar Malaysia would like to invite you to join the SKOLAR QUEST Bootcamp Program – Transform Your Boring Boardroom and Classroom Into Engaging Ones! on February 17 – March 9, 2024. This bootcamp will help participants to use Gamification techniques to change the atmosphere during your PdP session.

Main characteristics:

  • Guidance from an experienced SKOLAR Expert in the field of Gamification & Teambuilding.
  • There is a ‘LIFETIME Support Group’ on WhatsApp to ask related questions.
  • Helping participants to generate effective ideas to be applied during PdP, corporate training sessions and face-to-face workshop sessions.

Pictures of recent our bootcamp:

The SKOLAR QUEST is a program designed for individuals aged 18 and above who are:

  • Educators from any educational institution.
  • Individuals who want to change the educational landscape in the classroom.
  • Individuals who want to help students to improve various skills.
  • Writers who want to conduct PdP sessions in a more fun and interactive way
  • Corporate course trainers and workshop facilitators in organizations

What will you learn in this SKOLAR QUEST?

This session serves as an in-depth introduction to the world of gamification. Participants will embark on a virtual exploration in search of treasure, where each clue will explain the concept of gamification. The interactive storytelling aspect composes a narrative that explains the principles of gamification. By forming a team, participants will experience for themselves the power of cooperation and competition in learning.

This week is about exploring the basics of gamification through hands-on activities. Participants will go through game rooms modified with gamification features, each offering unique challenges and puzzles that focus on different aspects of gamification. Role-playing activities will provide insight into the dynamics between instructor and participant in a gamified situation, reinforced with live feedback to encourage adaptability and responsiveness.

Participants move from being learners to creators, developing their own gamified learning experiences. This session introduces various digital tools and resources that are important for gamification. Teams collaborate in a hackathon environment to design and prototype gamified modules, followed by a peer review carousel, which offers constructive feedback.

This last week is dedicated to showcasing the final projects and looking at the future of gamification. Teams present their projects in an engaging format, simulating a game or interactive presentation. Guest speakers, experts in the field, provide valuable insights into emerging technologies and future trends in gamification. The session ended with an ‘Idea Incubator’ segment, which encouraged open discussion and discussion of innovative ideas in gamification applications.

What Participants Will Get:

Access to the Bootcamp for 1 months (Valued at RM997)

Video recordings of each class session (Valued at RM497)

Lifetime Access to the Support Group (Priceless)

Certificate of Participation and Proficiency (Valued at RM197)

Details of Skolar Design Bootcamp:


16/2/2024 - 8/3/2024


Every Friday
8.30 PM - 10.30 PM


Zoom Meeting (Online)

How much is the investment for this bootcamp?

Registration is only open for theĀ first 30 people. We want to focus only to those committed lifelong learners!


One time fees
RM 399
  • Attendance certificate from Skolar Malaysia
  • Access to the Bootcamp for 1 month
  • Video recordings of each class session
  • Lifetime access to the support group

Skolar Member

Savings RM50!
RM 349
  • Savings RM50
  • Attendance certificate from Skolar Malaysia
  • Access to the Bootcamp for 3 months
  • Video recordings of each class session
  • Lifetime access to the support group

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

All the questions in your mind will be answered here.

This bootcamp will help participants create great designs with Canva, build personal branding, and use your Canva skills as a source of income.

This seminar is conducted online.

Participants need to have a Canva account and a computer that can support the use of Canva. Participants also need to have basic computer and internet usage skills.

You can register by filling out the registration form available on the Skolar Malaysia website. After that, you will receive a confirmation email containing information to access the Bootcamp and the online learning platform.