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The Next CANVA Ebook Authorpreneur Bootcamp (SCRIBE)

Welcome to the exciting world of eBook authorship! This upcoming eBook Author Bootcamp is a transformative journey to discover the incredible potential of eBooks. This comprehensive bootcamp is designed to empower aspiring individuals who wish to become eBook authors as well as entrepreneurs. It will guide them in crafting captivating digital books and attaining expertise in the realms of self-publishing and marketing.

The bootcamp covers a range of critical topics that will guide participants from the inception of eBook ideas to their release:

  • Understanding the Impact and Potential of eBooks: Explore the profound influence and vast opportunities offered by eBooks in today’s literary landscape.
  • Creating Titles and Ideas for eBook Covers: Craft attention-grabbing titles and cover concepts that will captivate your readers.
  • eBook Cover Design: Dive deep into the art of designing compelling eBook covers that stand out in the crowded market.
  • Writing Techniques and Ideas Various Genre: Sharpen your writing skills and learn how to generate ideas that resonate with your target audience.
  • Creating Children’s Story eBooks: Explore the world of children’s storytelling and create engaging digital storybooks.
  • Copyright Protection: Safeguard your intellectual property and understand the importance of copyright in the eBook industry.
  • Applying for ISBNs: Gain the knowledge to acquire ISBNs, a crucial step in the publishing process.
  • Publishing and Marketing eBooks: Learn how to self-publish your eBook and employ effective marketing strategies to reach your audience.

By the end of this transformative journey, participants will not only have the skills and knowledge to create and publish eBooks but also the confidence to embark on their own eBook authorship adventure.

What will you learn in this SCRIBE?

  • Ebook And Its Potential
  • Create Titles and Ideas for Ebook Covers
  • Ebook Cover Design
  • Writing Techniques and Ideas

  • Fundamental of Design Ebook in Canva

  • Creating Children’s Story eBook
  • Copyright Reserved
  • Apply for ISBN
  • Publish and Market eBook
  • Designing Poster and videos for promotion

Details for each topics:

What Participants Will Get:

Access to the Bootcamp for 3 months (Valued at RM1,997)

Video recordings of each class session (Valued at RM497)

Lifetime Access to the Support Group (Priceless)

Certificate of Participation and Proficiency (Valued at RM197)

Details of TENSITY:


17/1/2024 - 21/2/2024


Every Wednesday,
8.30 PM - 10.30 PM


Zoom Meeting (Online)

How much is the investment for this SCRIBE?

Registration is only open for the first 30 people. We want to focus only to those committed lifelong learners!


One time fees
RM 399
  • Attendance certificate from Skolar Malaysia
  • Access to the Bootcamp for 3 months
  • Video recordings of each class session
  • Lifetime access to the support group

Skolar Member

Savings RM50!
RM 349
  • Savings RM50
  • Attendance certificate from Skolar Malaysia
  • Access to the Bootcamp for 3 months
  • Video recordings of each class session
  • Lifetime access to the support group

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

All the questions in your mind will be answered here.

This seminar is conducted online.

Participants need to have a Canva account and a computer that can support the use of Canva. Participants also need to have basic computer and internet usage skills.

You can register by filling out the registration form available on the Skolar Malaysia website. After that, you will receive a confirmation email containing information to access the Bootcamp and the online learning platform.

You can get the bonus if you register immediately. There are three types of bonuses provided, namely a bonus for the first five participants, a bonus for the first 15 participants, and a bonus for becoming a co-trainer.