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“ Welcome to Bestari Bootcamp”

bought to you by Skolar Malaysia & Yayasan Khazanah

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Welcome to Bestari Bootcamp organised by Skolar Malaysia specially for Yayasan Khazanah scholars all over Malaysia.

Armed with the vision to empower students and adults alike with learning and teaching skills of the 21st century, Skolar Malaysia has been making waves in the education community since 2021.

Not wanting students to miss out on important skills and techniques in building resilence and habit for life-long learning, Skolar Malaysia
engages with students regardless of their education systems and backgrounds.

Bestari Bootcamp is an online motivation one-day course tailored for Form 5 or Form 3 and 2 students. Sessions include Exam Management Tips with Experts, Stress Management, 21st Century Skills for Students, Improving Communication Skills and Improving Creativity & Collaboration Skills.

Be sure not to miss the once-in-lifetime Bestari Bootcamp!

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