Exclusively Only For Selected Participants!

Specially Designed To Unlock The Full Potential Of Generative AI For Modern Educators

Facilitated solely by the only TWO CANVA VERIFIED EXPERTS FROM MALAYSIA, Don Skolar & Dr Tazli

Mode of Delivery – Fully ONLINE & In Dual language (Malay & English)

Collaborating with the Highest Institution:


Next-Level Teaching Canva & Generative AI for Modern Educators

Who are the instructors?

Don Skolar

Canva Verified Expert

Dr Tazli

Canva Verified Expert & Teaching and Learning Expert

Pictures of one of our recent bootcamp!

What will you learn?

Week 1: Lesson Plan & Materials Preparation with Canva and Generative AI
  • Understand how Canva and generative AI can streamline lesson planning and materials creation.
  • Learn to design visually appealing and educational content such as slides, worksheets, and infographics.
  • Explore how AI can assist in generating content and ideas for lesson planning.
  • Introduction to Canva: setting up, navigating, and utilizing basic tools.
  • Exploring generative AI tools for content creation and lesson planning.
  • Hands-on project: Create a set of lesson materials (presentation, worksheet) for a chosen topic.

Design a full lesson plan complete with all necessary materials using Canva and incorporate AI-generated content where appropriate.

Week 2: Creating Engaging Activities with Canva and Gen AI
  • Utilize Canva’s interactive features and AI tools to create engaging and dynamic classroom activities.
  • Develop skills in creating quizzes, interactive presentations, and engaging assignments.
  • Learn to use AI to enhance creativity and generate unique educational activities.
  • Advanced Canva techniques for creating interactive content.
  • Using AI to generate and enhance educational activities.
  • Hands-on project: Develop an interactive activity or game relevant to your curriculum.

Create a set of engaging activities for a particular lesson or unit using Canva and generative AI.

Week 3: Alternative Assessment with Canva and Gen AI
  • Discover how to utilize Canva and AI for creating diverse and inclusive assessment tools.
  • Learn to design quizzes, tests, and creative assessment formats.
  • Explore how AI can provide insights into student learning and assessment design.
  • Crafting assessments using Canva’s design tools and templates.
  • Exploring AI tools for creating, grading, and analyzing assessments.
  • Hands-on project: Create a variety of assessment types for different learning styles.

Design an alternative assessment package for a unit, incorporating various formats and AI-enhanced content.

Week 4: Personal Branding with Canva and Gen AI (BONUS!!!)
  • Understand the importance of personal branding for educators.
  • Utilize Canva to create professional branding materials.
  • Explore how generative AI can assist in personal branding efforts.
  • Building your educator brand with Canva’s design elements.
  • Using generative AI for content creation in personal branding.
  • Hands-on project: Develop a cohesive set of personal branding materials.

Create a personal branding package using Canva, including items such as a professional biography, a LinkedIn banner, and a content plan for your educator blog or social media.

What Participants Will Get:

Access to the Bootcamp for 1 month (Valued at RM1,997)

Video recordings of each class session (Valued at RM497)

Lifetime Access to the Support Group (Priceless)

Certificate of Participation and Proficiency (Valued at RM197)

Details of Skolar Mini Bootcamp:


2, 9, 16 and 30 May 2024


Every Thursday, 8.30 PM - 10.30 PM


Zoom Meeting (Online)

How much is the investment for this bootcamp?

Registration is only open for the first 30 people. We want to focus only to those committed lifelong learners!

Basic Package - Attendance Certificate by Skolar Malaysia

One Time Offer

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RM 399
  • Attendance certificate from Skolar Malaysia
  • Access to the Bootcamp for 1 month
  • Video recordings of each class session
  • Lifetime access to the support group

Ala Carte

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RM 139
  • 1 Week only
  • Attendance certificate from Skolar Malaysia
  • Access to the Bootcamp for 1 month
  • Video recordings of each class session